First App, Rap To Beats, Submitted!

After months of coding and design work, Gagan and I submitted Rap to Beats to the Apple App store on Tuesday night! Here’s our homescreen, simple and effective:

Rap To Beats has been Uploaded! This is the home screen.

Why did we create this app?

1. Glaring Market Weakness: there is no free Rap app for your Apple device with

A) a rich selection of free beats

B) the ability to use your own beats.

This is the only app that allows you the ability to rap over the best beats. While serious artists will probably defer to their Studios, for the up and coming rapper or average Joe looking to have fun with his/her friends, this app fulfills a crucial need. We will soon be making the app full featured and equipped even for the most serious of artists [interviewing them on what they need now].

2. Very Fun: Gagan and I love recording things while singing to songs. We throwdown all the time. After we submitted the app, we got particularly goofy. What a memory! We think this app could definitely go viral; it’s just way too fun.

3. Our First App: we love coding and designing mobile applications, but amongst our litany of ideas, this stood out as having a clear first version that we could release with sufficient functionality and added features over the current market offerings to make it an attractive app the day it is released while simultaneously having future iterations — for example, eventually the app will be a platform for beat producers — that allowed us to release an app quickly and learn by doing.

We will let you know if/when the app is accepted and you can use it to make fun memories as well!

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