Our New “Favorite” Way to Use Rap to Beats

Gagan has been getting his usual funk on and dropped me this soundbyte using Rap to Beats when he solved a programming problem I had in all of about 5 seconds. Predictable.

I love the use of Rap to Beats for 5 second little e-mail bombs on friends like this. [For those of you who can’t play the file for whatever reason: he says Boom, slowly, over a funny background.]¬†Going to come in great use when I beat someone in fantasy football ;). It is the ultimate, easy to record diss; it’s the 5 second funny audio diss.

As predictable as Gagan being fun and goofy, I have three reasons I really like the 5 second audio diss:

1. They’re really small, as in only 39 kilobytes!

2. They’re really easy to do. People who are afraid of “rapping” can do these.

3. They are really fun and have a broad appeal. Who doesn’t like to do fun stuff like this?¬†Boring people?


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