Did I spot an iPad Mini in Madrid?

At the end of my Eurotrip, I think I spotted an iPad Mini, adding only more fuel to the internet rumor fire that Apple will be releasing a smaller, cheaper tablet. Here are the pictures in front of the wonderful Reina Sofia (houses Picasso’s Guernica and some of my favorite Dali’s).

We think this might be an iPad Mini

We think this might be the iPad Mini before it has been released

Our last picture of the potential iPad Mini

What’s interesting about these pictures is that the device may be a little thicker than the current zeitgeist seems to think. It also seems to retain that signature Apple styling that some (fake) pictures seem to go away from. To those saying it’s a Nexus 7 or Tab, it sure didn’t look like one although I can see how these pictures are a bit worse than the view I had.

Whether it is a Mini or not, I think the trend of Apple products and pricing makes a Mini all but inevitable, and I think it will be good for Apple’s business. Of course, the Mini will cannibalize sales of the larger iPad. But, I think it will make up for that with it’s own volume. The current iPad is simply too expensive for a large portion of the world. A cheaper device will allow the masses to enjoy an Apple tablet. I just purchased an iPad, but that was with a family of tech geeks, and I can say that Apple Tablets are indeed awesome. So, yes, I think the iPad Mini will catch on and become a mass consumption device you see everyone toting around.

Also – I’m sneaking in a picture of Pierrot Playing the Guitar, as this is one of my favorite Dali’s. Happy rumorville, everyone!

This is one of my favorite Dali's at the Reina Sofia in Madrid - Pierrot Playing the Guitar



  1. Aakash Gupta

    Thanks for investigating Mike; the odds are definitely stacked in favor of it being a Nexus 7, since that device is out.

    Re: not asking, I was a bit excited at the time and had never had anyone walk up and talk to me on the whole Eurotrip, nor have I ever walked up to someone I don’t know and asked them anything besides directions, so I guess I just didn’t consider it as a possibility. I guess taking pictures is a weird to think about, too. Whatever; the mystery of it now is actually kind of nice. Regardless, if something like that happens again, I am definitely asking what kind of tablet!

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