So, Rap to Beats is killing it…

Just in its soft release, Rap to Beats has absolutely killed it. We were a featured app in the United States and India, and 100% of the reviews have given a rating of 5 stars.

We definitely count ourselves as blessed.

As we make a push now for the hard release, news coverage, and mass public usage, I look forward to updating you all with more tales of success.


  1. Matt P

    Hey guys I’ve tried to submit a review threw the App Store but I can’t remember my password 🙂 think you could throw in an edit ability on recorded sounds? As in the ability to delete saved songs. It has duplicated a few songs, x4 on one of theme hen I start a beat I have to unplug and replied the headphones too but all in all great job and thanks!

  2. Mansel Broussard

    Whenever I try to record on Rap To Beats, it plays back two beats recorded off beat. How can I prevent this? Is there a later update than the 1.6 Version, because I’ve been needing to record for months now.

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