Github error: The key is invalid

Error Invalid Key

So, you’ve resolved to use Github.

You’ve bought into all the benefits – everyone uses it, you can contribute to open source software, and, frankly, it is the best version control system out there.

However, when you try to push things up to github, it keeps asking you weird questions about your passcode and/or passphrase. You simply can’t push things up.

You finally find out the problem has to do with your SSH key. Then you follow the instructions for SSH keys according to github, you read the troubleshooting as well, you check out StackOverflow, and a few other websites, and you still keep getting the doggone error!

Error Invalid Key

Here’s one thing to try: are you putting the key in the right place?

I turned out to be making the silly mistake of putting the key in the title instead of the actual area for the key:

Adding keys to github

So if you are facing the annoying ‘key is invalid’ error on Github and (1) your key does indeed start with one of the prefixes they list and (2) you are indeed sharing your public key, then try to see if you are pasting the key in the right field!

Hope this helps!

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