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#4 in Rap!

Rap to Beats is the 4th App when you search Rap in Apple's Apple Store on the iPhone

That’s pretty cool – if you search ‘rap’ on your iPhone, Rap to Beats is the 4th result. And it’s a result of downloads only accelerating, on all devices.

We’ve been getting there with your help. Your suggestions on features, DJ intros, and the rest are helping. Thank you!

I have been loving beats by our latest 2 featured producers. Some of my favorites by redhooknoodles:

And these tracks by Spence Mills also really burn:

But our ambition is much bigger than #4 for rap. It’s to be the first in the music category. We have many features we are working as fast as possible to roll out to you. Keep updating, and talk to you soon.

PS-If you are a DJ who would like to market yourself to our huge user base, kindly contact us.

So, Rap to Beats is killing it…

Just in its soft release, Rap to Beats has absolutely killed it. We were a featured app in the United States and India, and 100% of the reviews have given a rating of 5 stars.

We definitely count ourselves as blessed.

As we make a push now for the hard release, news coverage, and mass public usage, I look forward to updating you all with more tales of success.

Our New “Favorite” Way to Use Rap to Beats

Gagan has been getting his usual funk on and dropped me this soundbyte using Rap to Beats when he solved a programming problem I had in all of about 5 seconds. Predictable.

I love the use of Rap to Beats for 5 second little e-mail bombs on friends like this. [For those of you who can’t play the file for whatever reason: he says Boom, slowly, over a funny background.] Going to come in great use when I beat someone in fantasy football ;). It is the ultimate, easy to record diss; it’s the 5 second funny audio diss.

As predictable as Gagan being fun and goofy, I have three reasons I really like the 5 second audio diss:

1. They’re really small, as in only 39 kilobytes!

2. They’re really easy to do. People who are afraid of “rapping” can do these.

3. They are really fun and have a broad appeal. Who doesn’t like to do fun stuff like this? Boring people?


New Design for Rap to Beats

We have just submitted to Apple a major upgrade: a completely new interface (along with a few little changes like better offline functionality). I wanted to use this space to walk through some of the new design features that should go live as soon as Apple accepts them.

We went through several iterations before reaching this final design, essentially a dark denim texture theme. The first iteration of our theme was intended to be a leathery texture with cloth “sewed on.” But that did not turn out so well. The second iteration of our theme was intended to be a dark, futuristic take on a music player. But that also did not turn out so well. After a few more iterations, changing the colors and textures, we ultimately decided this interface was the best of the bunch we created:

This is the new home page for the redesigned Rap to Beats

We could see a few iterations of making this better, perhaps changing the colors of the button and title patches and fraying the edges further, but we will try to A/B test those landing pages now that the App is available in the App Store.

An interesting roadblock we had throughout the design was what background texture to use. After consulting various design resources, we were ultimately able to decide on the final texture, the dark denim, by looking at how the second most visited page in the app would look:

This is the completely redesigned studio page for Rap to Beats, my iPhone App

We really liked the contrasting colors on this page. Once we had the home and studio pages complete, the final large design hurdle was the icon. There is no shortage of advice on how to make a great icon, and we tended to agree with most of it. So, ultimately, we decided to make a no-text image that fits with our overall theme and conveys the functionality of the app. The stitching from the other pages is there, and then we have a very low opacity silhoutte of a dread-locked female singing on a microphone and pointing to the sky:

The new Rap to Beats Icon, v 1.1

This iteration of the Rap To Beats design was a great workout for my Photoshop skills, and I look forward to further development as we get feedback from YOU! Indeed, any comments at all are appreciated.


Rap to Beats Available Now!

7 business days after submission, our AppRap To Beats was just accepted! When I first got the text from Gagan, I did not even believe him. Then he sent me the screenshot of the e-mail, and I kept checking it again, and again, and again–just to make sure it was real. Alas, when you search ‘Rap To Beats’ in the App Store, the app does indeed come up!

So, please check it out! Enjoy it, and, if you would be kind enough, (5-star) review it! We think you will have oodles of fun.

First App, Rap To Beats, Submitted!

After months of coding and design work, Gagan and I submitted Rap to Beats to the Apple App store on Tuesday night! Here’s our homescreen, simple and effective:

Rap To Beats has been Uploaded! This is the home screen.

Why did we create this app?

1. Glaring Market Weakness: there is no free Rap app for your Apple device with

A) a rich selection of free beats

B) the ability to use your own beats.

This is the only app that allows you the ability to rap over the best beats. While serious artists will probably defer to their Studios, for the up and coming rapper or average Joe looking to have fun with his/her friends, this app fulfills a crucial need. We will soon be making the app full featured and equipped even for the most serious of artists [interviewing them on what they need now].

2. Very Fun: Gagan and I love recording things while singing to songs. We throwdown all the time. After we submitted the app, we got particularly goofy. What a memory! We think this app could definitely go viral; it’s just way too fun.

3. Our First App: we love coding and designing mobile applications, but amongst our litany of ideas, this stood out as having a clear first version that we could release with sufficient functionality and added features over the current market offerings to make it an attractive app the day it is released while simultaneously having future iterations — for example, eventually the app will be a platform for beat producers — that allowed us to release an app quickly and learn by doing.

We will let you know if/when the app is accepted and you can use it to make fun memories as well!