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Product Creation and the 80/20 Rule

Throughout my life, I have found great evidence for the Pareto principle, or 80/20 rule — that is, sometimes the best way to succeed is to focus on that 20% of work that produces the 80% of results you aim to achieve.

In the case of my interest in fully jumping into the product creation game, I have decided to apply the 80/20 rule to my to-do list.

Sometimes good is good enough.

The best ideas I currently have are in the mobile space, and I am not making the apps in HTML5. Furthermore, my brother is extremely proficient in the mobile space and an amazing partner. As a result, the core focus of my coding efforts has been, and will be for the next few months, on the mobile projects with my brother — nothing else.

That means, for my personal website, WordPress with a stock theme is good — good enough.

The creation of an organic blog will be a side project for another time. I will certainly return to the internet game, but Objective C and Photoshop currently demand all the time I can give them. This is a pragmatic decision to make the best product I can, a product which I cannot wait to share with you. So, ’till then, cheers.

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Why this site is not awesome

Yes – someone who was once known as an html programmer should have a much more functional, impressive site than a WordPress with a stock theme. Honestly, this will only be live for about 10 more days. Then, it will be relegated to the internet archives.

A few days after I finish the GMAT — I take it Thursday — I will have my own ground-up blog up. It will be one of my many projects to get back into product creation.

My programming since senior year of high school has been focused on two research pursuits:

— Sensor networks: JAVA and Bayesian Statistics to improve anomaly detection

— Psychological applications: creating novel tasks using the PEBL language, all manners of statistical software, advanced clustering using MATLAB

Neither were particularly end-user oriented, nor were they intended to be sold. But now that I am moving to Silicon Valley, I have been inspired to enter a new combination of business and tech. I think it is the perfect fit for my life arc. I cannot wait to share more of it with you.

For now, here is a list of some of the ways I am getting back into product development:

1. Basics, lecture notes of Stanford CS CS106A course available on Stanford Engineering Everywhere

2. Developing two iOs apps with my brother under the Sky Brothers moniker, mainly at this stage on user design and improving my Photoshop savvy; he’s a passionate code guy

3. Developing a Google app engine based blog, mainly through instruction from the Udacity course CS253 and learn HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, etc through a variety of resources as well

So this site was just a jump start on my effort to motivate me to display all my work. Cheers for finding it early.